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JiaMeiKang Science offers free repair for the product with quality problems in the warranty period of 24 months. Yet the problems caused by improper operation of humans and natural disaster are not included.

If the product goes wrong after 24 months, we supply related service for customers according to the standard beyond the warranty period. Aside from the expenses on repair, customers need to pay the replacement spare parts.
Note: As the damage to product caused by human and natural disaster is beyond the range of free repair, users need to pay for the repair.

Customer Service
1.Service hotline
Unify service hotline: 4000839976
Quality supervision hotline: +86-755-83998399

2.Service mailbox: jmk@jmk.com.cn

3. Service tenet
Service starts from the demands of customers and ends with the satisfaction of clients.

4. Service commitment
To offer optimal and efficient information for clients and improve our service quality ceaselessly, we give following commitments for customers. Customers are welcomed to give supervisions on our service and performance.
1) On service objectives
We aim to get customers satisfied, disburdened about our dedicated service, with continuous progress in enhancing the service quality.

2) On service attitude
First person being enquired responsibility system: The first person receiving the inquiry has to give solutions to related matters for the customer. He or she should deal with it properly with polite and standard words, keep kindly and never quarrel with customers.

3) On service hours
Network service: Uninterrupted all the year round
Manual service:
National statutory working days: 9:00~12:30a.m., 14:00~18:00 p.m. at Beijing time
Weekend, festivals and holiday: All star customers enjoy the point to point directional service of our business manager or service specialist.

4) On service handling and solutions
The telephone inquiry will be answered less than hours.
The email will be replied within 24 hours.
We offer 100% response to the inquiry of customers.

5) On technical support handling and solutions
The common issue on usage will be solved less than 30 minutes.
The simple question will be answered within 24 hours.
The complicated issues can be solved in 3 to 5 working days.
As for the unsolvable problems, we will give necessary explanation for users.

6) On privacy
As we respect the privacy of users, the information about the project supplied by our customers will be kept confidentially. We will never make the information published unless it is permitted to be announced by law or the private and confidential clause is authorized by of the law. Moreover, the supplied information of customers will never be used for other commercial operation and competition to pursue profits.