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Quality Control Process

a) Every production process is controlled by proficient and experienced workers.
b) We offer detailed introduction about each production procedure via pictures and texts, which is convenient for workers to learn about.
c) Every finished product is pasted with a tracking card, on which a series of datum records all the persons in charge in each procedure. This method facilitates the succeeding tracking job.

1. Finished product detection
a) Each finished camera needs the aging test lasting for 48 hours.
b) Among every 1000 finished products, we select the products at random for high and low temperature test and destructive test.
c) There are 10% finished products chosen for vibration test.
d) All the results of testing will be recorded for tracking later.

1.1 Vibration test
To avoid any possible problems in the transportation, we generally choose 10% products for vibration test. Most of situations that probably appear in the delivery are presented in the test. The product passes the test is available for transportation.

1.2 Weatherproof test
We supply the specific rain test room to ensure our weatherproof product can withstand all kinds of windy and rainy conditions. In the test, diverse analog situations when the product may get wet in the rain are prepared. Only if the product conforms to the standard, it can leave the factory for delivery.

1.3 PCB board aging test
In this test, the PCB board will be placed in the thermal aging equipment with variable temperature to withstand the integrated changes of the high and low air temperature, the power and other parameters. This test aims to get the defects of the PCB board exposed for easy elimination, such as poor welding joint, mismatching with original work piece, stoppage in the temperature drift and debugging. In addition, it effectively stabilizes the parameters of the PCB board without defects.

1.4 Constant temperature and humidity device
This is the equipment for detecting the product performance in different working conditions and testing various materials on the heat and cold resistance, dry and moisture resistant properties.

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