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Sony Effio-E
The 3D-DNR IR CCTV camera uses a Sony Effio-E image processor which allows horizontal resolution reaches to 700 TVL.

The utilization of advanced D-WDR tech enables the 3D-NR IR CCTV camera to give clear images even when the scene is strongly backlit. The 3D-NR IR CCTV camera has selectable sensitivity for indoor and outdoor.

Privacy Zone Masking
It helps protect personal privacy by concealing the private areas in the camera's field of view. The location and size of the privacy masking zone is based on the user's specific requirement.

Highlight Masking Exposure (HKE)
When a room containing over exposed lights is imaged, auto-exposure calculations usually result in images that are mostly underexposed, except for the lights. With the highlight masking exposure, very bright lights are masked from the exposure calculation, producing results that have a higher dynamic range of intensities.

The waterproof 3D-DNR IR CCTV camera, is designed for outdoor use and protects you with good condition surveillance during day or night.

Motion Detection
The movement within the picture can be analyzed to detect surveillance targets.

Varifocal Lens
With varifocal lens, the user can adjust the lens power required for clear vision at different viewing distances.

JMK is a China-based 3D-DNR IR CCTV camera manufacturer and supplier. In addition to CCTV camera, we also provide vehicle security system, IP security camera, wireless camera, and much more.

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